Alan Simanowitz

Alan Simanowitz, MS, LDTC is the director of UCanachieve.  He combines over twenty years of special education experience with a philosophy that is based on teaching the whole child. Alan describes his educational philosophy: I don’t believe that we ever teach math, history or English.  We teach children.  When the child feels that we are relating to him as a person, he inevitably learns.  He learns because we have connected with him in a very sincere … [Read More...]

Learning Alternatives


Ucanachieve Learning Alternatives is for young adults and teenagers from 13-29. We have two programs, one for teenagers from 13-19 and another for young adults up to 29. If your son just doesn’t fit into his or her school or other schools in your area or doesn't go to school at all, we offer an environment where he can find out for himself what it feels like to succeed and make progress. We are located in Israel but our students and staff come from almost every … [Read More...]

Kadima transitions

Is your son struggling to make the transition to an independent adult life? Leaving the safe environment of the home can be a daunting experience. Many young men shun the challenge in front of them and take refuge in instant pleasures like video gaming or watching television. This phenomenon is commonly known as 'failure to launch'. Dissatisfied with life at home, but too paralyzed to do anything about it, they often act impulsively, sometimes getting in … [Read More...]

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